m2p-labs is an internationally leading supplier of microbioreactor systems focusing on microreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development. The product portfolio comprises high-throughput BioLector micro fermentation systems, microtiter FlowerPlates, and automated cultivation RoboLector platforms. Proprietary online monitoring technology increases the number and the information content of microbial experiments, either aerobic, microaerophilic, or strictly anaerobic. Experiments can be conducted with excellent efficiency and high quality at low costs in microscale. The RoboLector enables the automated fermentation of the whole bioprocess, with its specific integration of the BioLector tool into a liquid handling system.

The BioLector® microbioreactor is a unique high-throughput micro fermentation system. In up to 48 parallel cultures the most important fermentation parameters like biomass concentration, pH and DO as well as fluorescent proteins or substrates can be all monitored online. The advanced BioLector® Pro technology is using proprietary microtiter plates with an integrated microfluidic chip. By using microfluidic technology, the system continuously controls the pH value of each culture individually as well as the feeding for realizing fed-batch cultivations. The BioLector® microbioreactors are approved for bacterial, yeast, fungi, plant and insect cells.