THINKY was founded in 1971 as a company manufacturing digital measurement instruments. The company started with the production of inexpensive display devices using LEDs. In 1991, THINKY decided to enter the dental industry, producing mixers for dental paste used for fillings and artificial teeth. The mixer garnered praise not only from the dental industry, but from a variety of other industries as well, including those involved with ointment, electronic equipment, medicine, chemistry, and research and development. As a result of this success, THINKY shifted its core business to producing mixers.

In response to the increasing inquires THINKY has already introduced its mixers to a number of countries worldwide, including the United States, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and EU members.

The product range today comprises the following items:
  • Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum pressure type / Vacuum type)
  • Planetary Centrifugal Mixer "THINKY Solder Paste Mixer"
  • Vacuum Syringe Charger
  • Various Adapters