CAMAG was founded in 1958 in Muttenz, Switzerland near Basel to produce ALUMINUM OXIDE for chromatography and to promote its industrial use.

Since 1975 CAMAG concentrates on the development of instruments and automated solutions for the Instrumental Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC/HPTLC).

CAMAG is the world leader in supplying software controlled systems, which permit the automation of the individual steps of the Planar Chromatography (the new term for the technique).

Beside the manual components, automated instruments are available for all different steps of the chromatographic analysis:
  • Sample application: Automatic TLC Sampler ATS 4
  • Chromatographic development: Automatic Development Chamber ADC 2 and Automated Multiple Development AMD 2
  • Derivatization: Chromatogram Immersion Device
  • Detection: TLC Scanner 4
  • Evaluation: TLC Visualizer, TLC-MS interface and BioLuminizer

Where ever complex substance mixtures are analyzed (herbals, environmental analysis, forensic), Planar Chromatography is often an excellent alternative to GC and HPLC. Additionally it has proven value as a solid quantitative analysis technique in the quality assurance of food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial products