Gisberto Gibertini developed the application of a floater calibrated in mass and volume, creating the first hydrostatic balance, which has become the symbol of the present “Gibertini Elettronica” making it famous all over the world.

After ten years the instruments range started to grow and the company organized its commercial network, at a regional level first, then national, and finally worldwide.

Beside the balances Gibertini Elettronica became a worldwide brand for the development and production of oenological instruments for the quantitative determination of alcohol, moisture, organic and inorganic compounds in alcoholic beverages

The current oenological portfolio covers:
  • distillation unit and hydrostatic balance for the determination of the alcoholic strength
  • automatic analyzer for sulphur dioxide, volatile and total acidity content
  • semiautomatic and automatic enzymatic analyzer for the entire control of the vinification processes