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Chromatography Columns, Cartridges & Detectors

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The Büchi FlashPure cartridges can be used for a wide range of flash applications, offering high flexibility and maximum convenience. FlashPure cartridges are available in various sizes, from milligrams to grams, and particle sizes (small & spherical particles for fast separations and high loadings). Moreover, the FlashPure cartridges cover different normal and reversed stationary phases. This range enables you to choose the flash cartridge which best suits your purification needs.

The RFID tag allows for an automatic transfer of important parameters for a run on a Pure chromatography system. Also, the FlashPure cartridges are compatible with the Pure Navigator software (flash method optimization by interpreting TLC or HPLC scouting runs). More information

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
When scaling up a purification, GlasPure offers maximum flexibility in terms of scale and separation requirements. The glass columns are designed for sample amounts over 300 g and pressure up to 50 bar (725 psi). A wide range of dimensions for Silica capacities, from 9g to 3.7kg, are offered and the columns are available in a broad range of sizes (ID 15mm - 100mm, length 100mm - 920mm). The GlasPure columns are compatible with dedicated dry and slurry filling sets.

For large-scale purification (up to 370g sample), large dimension glass columns are available. The GlasPure columns allow for fast purification on columns working at a pressure of up to 50 bar (725 psi). Moreover, user protection is maximized with plastic-coated glass columns. More information

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
PrepPure HPLC columns are filled with high quality silica and enable the performance of high resolution separations. Easy scalability from 4.6mm to 70mm ID (150/250mm lengths) and phases for standard and targeted applications make PrepPure the ideal choice for the best results.

A wide range of silica phases (unbonded Silica, C18, C18 AQ, C4) and particle sizes from 5µm to 15µm are available. Columns with 70mm ID are offered for large-scale purification (up to 85g for Silica and 8.5g for C18). Moreover, for polar to medium polar compounds in a high water environment, the C18 AQ phase is available. More information

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The UV/VIS detector C-640 is designed for analytical HPLC, preparative HPLC and flash chromatography. Due to its wavelength range of 200 - 840 nm, the instrument detects most compounds and saves time through simultaneous detection of 4 wavelengths.

For the detection of all non-volatile compounds, the Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) C-650 is most suitable. Nevertheless, both models can be easily integrated in any system configuration. More information

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The cartridger C-670 allows the simple and quick packing of cartridges in a range of 4 to 90 grams with any silica based material with particle size from 30 to 200 um. If required, a specific cartridge can be prepared by choosing your own silica and selecting the cartridge format (4 to 90 g). More information

BISCHOFF Chromatography GmbH
The Bischoff HPLC columns come in a broad range of lengths, internal diameters and materials to cover a wide range of separations. If, however, no column meets the demanded separation requirements, there is also the option to fabricate according to customer specifications. Apart from filling materials of well-known manufacturers, we also offer our own substances such as ProntoSIL, HiPAK and PolyEncap. Moreover, a refill service is available with ProntoSIL as well as materials of other manufacturers. More information