Analyses performed by the Amylograph-E provide you with precise results that comply with international standards. The process features a test procedure that is easy to carry out. At the same time, the measuring probe placed directly in the product ensures that the temperature can be precisely adjusted. This increases the reproducibility of your measurement results.

In the Amylograph-E, a suspension is heated in a rotating measuring container, at a rate of 1.5 °C per minute. The heat rate simulates the process inside a breadcrumb during the baking process. Depending on the sample’s viscosity, a measuring probe stuck into the sample is deflected into the measuring container. This deflection is measured as a torque value and automatically recorded in the amylogram. More information

Viscograph-E is the standard device for temperature-based and time-based measurement of the viscosity of starch and products containing starch. The examination of your sample using this well-established solution provides you with a detailed characteristics profile of your test material that goes far beyond just the gelatinisation of the starch.

Thanks to the automatic programme sequence and comprehensive configuration options, your tests are carried out easily and conveniently. You can create as many individual temperature, time and speed programmes, as well as analysis profiles, as you like.

The measuring probe is placed directly in the sample, which guarantees the highest degree of measurement accuracy and reproducibility of the performed analyses. More information

Thanks to the exceptional range of applications and the quick measurement method, the Brabender ViscoQuick offers a wide range of possible uses. Streamline and optimize all workflows at all process stations of your quality and production control system with ViscoQuick.

The web-based MetaBridge laboratory software will provide you with all the conveniences for a modern and efficient workflow in the laboratory.

With the flexible viscosimeter, you can examine suspensions, viscous and plastic materials. The robust measuring bowl made of durable stainless steel also allows aggressive substances such as acids and bases to be analyzed. More information

The Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph combines the functions of the Viscograph-E and Amylograph-E in one device. Thanks to the small sample sizes of 5 to 20g, plus a higher heating and cooling rate, the measurement time is shorter than that of traditional methods.

The measuring principle is similar to that of the Viscograph-E: a starch-water or flour-water suspension is heated in a rotating bowl and cooled down again, both under controlled conditions. Besides the standard procedure (heating - holding - cooling), individual temperature profiles can be programmed.

The special geometry of the paddle ensures good mixing of the sample - there is no sedimentation of starch particles. Temperature measurement directly within the sample makes it easy to always precisely assign the temperature to the current viscosity. More information