Riera Nadeu

Flash Dryers

The jet / flash dryers by Riera Nadeu (RINA) allow the instantaneous / flash, automatic and continuous drying of wet solids, suspensions and solutions. The RINA Flash Dryer system combines the effects of turbulence and vacuum with the displacement of wet and dispersed solid particles at high speed in order to instantaneously obtain a dry disintegrated solid. The compact modular design of the RINA Flash Dryer drying installation can fit into the available space in any plant.

Riera Nadeu
Throughput: 2 to 12’500 Kg/h
Evaporation (water): 1 to 3’500 Kg/h
Dry product: 0.5 to 10’000 Kg/h
Material: Hastelloy®, stainless steel, refractory steel, 254-SMO, zirconium oxide, high alumina, others

The main feature of the RINA Flash Dryer is the delivery of the processed product at their original particle size, which makes any subsequent milling unnecessary. They provide a high thermal efficiency at low operational cost and the few dynamic parts enable low maintenance costs. The short residence time of the solid in the dryer favors its minimum heating, thus making these dryers the ideal drying technique for thermo-sensitive products. Still, a drying process at up to 700 °C is possible.

The RINA flash drying system is most suitable for drying inorganic and organic products. They are widely applied in the chemical, pharmaceutical, minerals, ceramics, plastics and waxes, food and phytosanitary industry. More information