Riera Nadeu

Biotech Centrifuges

The biotech industry faces new challenges and has become a pharma industry pillar. Among the most developed fields of applications within the pharmaceutical environment, such as oncology, hematology and homeopathy, the use of biological raw materials, including animal cells, micro plants and natural derivates is becoming a standard for getting to the active principle ingredient. Several processes, such as fermentation, microbodies fractioning and nanoparticles treatments are now used for the cutting-edge pharmaceutical production, requesting equipment and devices fitting their particular characteristics. Riera Nadeu (RINA) biotech centrifuges respond to these current and more advanced requirements of the biotechnology industry.

Riera Nadeu
Basket diameter: 250 mm to 1’000 mm
Basket capacity: 3.5 to 200 liters
Centrifugal factor g: 4’000
Material: Hastelloy®, stainless steel, others

The RINA Biotech centrifuges allow several operations within the same equipment without any intermediary handling by the operator. This ensures the hygiene, traceability and repeatability of the loop, while avoiding the risk of cross-contamination for the process and the staff.

RINA biotech centrifuges enable processes with sophisticated requirements, such as separation of products from fermentation. Typical applications include serum extraction / purification, vaccines preparations, amino acids and enzymes treatment, treatment of bacteriological culture cells, protein separation, plasma and blood fractioning and API microencapsulation. More information