Riera Nadeu

Continuous Process Centrifuges

Continuous flow centrifugation reduces the material processing time, as large volumes of material can be centrifuged at high centrifugal forces without filling and decanting a large number of centrifuge tubes or regularly stopping and restarting the rotor.
Riera Nadeu (RINA) offers different series of continuous process centrifuges, particularly suitable for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and waste recovery industry. The RINA continuous process centrifuges can also work in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).
To ensure feasibility and desired results, Riera Nadeu can simulate your process in their test center or provide test machines for rent, which includes training of your operators.

Riera Nadeu
Basket diameter: 300 mm to 750 mm
Throughput: 1.5 to 30 tons per hour
Centrifugal factor g: 1’500 to 2’100
Material: Hastelloy®, stainless steel, others

The RINA 500 series is fitted with a conical rotor for the continuous solid-liquid separation of any crystalline, granular or fibrous products suspended in a liquid. These centrifuges achieve a high filterability index to reach solid concentrations ranging between 30% and 80% and for particle sizes between 50 and 500 microns.

The main characteristics are the high continuous throughput considering their compact dimensions and weight as well as their easy handling.

The RINA series 500 centrifuges are widely applicable, mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, for the separation of various organic and inorganic synthesis products. More information