Precisa Gravimetrics AG

Balances / Scales

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability: 0.01 / 0.1 mg
Max. capacity: 125 / 225 g
Series: 360 EP/ES

The 360 EP/ES Series’ weighing cells are of the highest mechanical quality in order to operate extremely precisely. All devices can easily be connected to other computers and the Internet. Integrated functions include pipette calibration, density determination, variety of measurement units, multi-level back weighing, dynamic weighing and dynamic differential weighing (weighing on ship), minimum sample weight (MSW) according to USP, Automatic Reproducibility Test (ART), and Buoyancy Error Suppression Technology (BEST). More information

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability: 0.1 mg
Max. capacity: 520 g
Series: 320

The 320 XB Series is a basic lab balance with simple operation and problem-free use. It keeps records in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and the integrated data interface is able to print out the reports. Integrated functions include density, counting, percentage, and multiple weight units. More information

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability range: 1 mg - 1 g
Capacity range: 102 - 12'100 g
Series: 165 BJ

The BJ Series stands for user-friendliness, longevity in service and portability at a very attractive price to performance ratio. Integrated functions include piece-counting, percentage, net total, add up, various weight unit, animal weighing, and statistics. More information

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability range: 1 mg - 1 g
Capacity range: 160 - 12'200 g
Series: 321 LT/LX/LS

The Precisa 321 Series combines precision with comprehensive user friendliness, and is able to print records in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Integrated functions include piece-counting, percent weighing, live animal weighing, dynamic weighing, density determination, plus/minus check weighing, formulation (weight by totalization), free units calculation, statistics calculation and recorder function. More information

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability range: 0.01 – 0.1 mg
Capacity range: 61 - 520 g
Series: 390 HF/HA/HE/HM

The Precisa 390 Series combines highest precision due to an automatic self-linearization and adjustment system with innovative features like shock and scratch resistant touch screen, optical stability indicator which provides visual indication of environment disturbances, TLS (touchless sensors), ECS (electrostatic cancellation system), AOS (ambient observation system), wireless communication and the possibility to install apps for even more functionalities. More information

Precisa Gravimetrics AG
Readability range: 0.1 - 20 g
Capacity range: 12.1 - 300 kg
Series: 410 / 490

The robust precision industrial scales of the 490 Series include integrated functions like net total calculation, sum computation, weight per unit-area computation, live animal weighing, density determination, statistical programs, differential weighing, dynamic weighing, Minimum Sample Weight (MSW) setting, and lift correction (BEST). More information