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Analytical Chromatography (HPLC)

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The Alltech® 3300 ELSD simplifies analysis of difficult compounds such as pharmaceuticals, impurities, fatty acids, or polymers. This system was developed to improve baseline stability and detection sensitivity compared to refractive index (RI), and to use ELSD in parallel with UV/Vis and MS for maximum structural and concentration information. As a result, it obtains a more accurate representation of sample mass than UV/Vis. More information

BISCHOFF Chromatography GmbH
The Bischoff HPLC columns come in a broad range of lengths, internal diameters and materials to cover a wide range of separations. If, however, no column meets the demanded separation requirements, there is also the option to fabricate according to customer specifications. Apart from filling materials of well-known manufacturers, we also offer our own substances such as ProntoSIL, HiPAK and PolyEncap. Moreover, a refill service is available with ProntoSIL as well as materials of other manufacturers. More information

The usage of dried blood spots (DBS) has strong advantages over conventional collection and analysis of blood or plasma samples, such as lower blood volumes, easier collection of blood samples and easy transportation of samples. The fully automated CAMAG DBS-MS 500 extraction system makes DBS analysis remarkably easy, fast, efficient and economical compared to both the manual and semi-automated punching techniques. Fields of applications include newborn screening (NBS), where only a very small amount of blood is available and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). More information