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Spray Dryers & Encapsulators

BUCHI laboratory spray dryers (Nano Spray Dryer, Mini Spray Dryer) are designed to visualize your spray drying process for a wide range of applications in various fields such as pharma, material sciences, chemistry, food, feed and beverages. It allows working with aqueous media, acids, organic solvents or mixtures of aqueous and organic solvents in a safe way. During the drying process the liquid media is dispersed into fine droplets which are subsequently dried in a cylinder using a heated gas flow. The reachable particle size depends on the technology of dispersion. For pilot and production scale spray drying, we offer customized solutions from Riera Nadeu. Encapsulators made by BUCHI (available in sterile and non-sterile versions) are designed for the preparation of microbeads and microcapsules in numerous applications in laboratory research and development work. BUCHI encapsulators are used in various industries including pharma, food, feed, cosmetics, material sciences and agriculture.

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The Nano Buchi Spray Dryer B-90 HP is designed for small samples (down to 2 ml or 200 mg) and small particle sizes (300 nm to 5 µm), adjustable in narrow size distributions. The electrostatic particle collector allows high yields with small sample amounts. Depending on the setup it is suitable for a wide range of applications.
The Nano Spray Dryer uses piezotechnology with a steel membrane, which generate precisely controlled micro droplets. More information

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The Mini Laboratory Buchi Spray Dryer B-290 is designed for high throughput with a drying capacity of up to 1 L/h at lab scale. Depending on the setup it is suitable for a wide range of applications and adjustable particle sizes (2 - 60 um). The small sample amount (> 5g) and the high yields (up to 70%) save valuable material.
The Mini laboratory spray dryer is using a spray technology with gas, which ensures a high throughput. More information

Riera Nadeu
Water evaporation (kg/h): from min. 2kg/h to max. 700 kg/h
Various models are available

Riera Nadeu Spray Dryers work in a continuous way by atomizing slurries in a vertical drying tower. This solution is ideal for thermosensitive products requiring a soft and longtime drying to produce a dry powder made of fine particles and for products that could also be encapsulated. RINA Spray Dryers are customized to the customer’s specifications, considering the process requirement or general arrangement of the production plant.
Riera Nadeu offers special configurations for the drying of corrosive products with some drying lines made of Hastelloy®. Also, for toxic products, some drying lines are fitted with a CIP system, in compliance with OEB4 requirements. Moreover, RINA Spray Dryers can work in closed loop circuits with nitrogen, if required.
Riera Nadeu offers solutions for the most demanding industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and food. More information

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The Büchi Encapsulator B-390 is designed for numerous applications, including the preparation of beads and capsules, in a wide range of fields such as pharmaceutical, food, feed, cosmetics, textiles and agriculture. Using different temperature controlled nozzles (8 nozzle sizes, up to 80 °C), particle sizes from 150 µm up to 4 mm can be produced even from viscous solutions. More information

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The Büchi Encapsulator B-395 Pro is a fully autoclavable production system for controlled encapsulation of cells and biological materials (enzymes, proteins, organelles, etc.) under sterile and physiological conditions. It is able to produce homogenous, reproducible structures (particle sizes from 150 µm up to 4 mm) with a very narrow particle size distribution (≤ 1.5%). More information