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Drying Chambers & Ovens

The Glass Drying Oven is a powerful tool in R&D and analytical laboratories, offering a perfect solution for distillation, sublimation or drying of small sample volumes at high temperatures.
With the unique electrically conductive glass tube coating, the Glass Oven B-585 offers visibility of your sample at any time. The whole length of the oven tube heats up to a maximum of 300 °C. Signs of thermal degradation are easy visible as the process can be seen at any time. BÜCHI offers complete solutions for your applications, consisting of a rotary evaporator, a comprehensive vacuum system and a recirculating chiller for cooling the condensers.

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
The version B-585 Drying is a cost efficient way to dry small and medium sized samples gently under vacuum up to 300 °C. It enables the user to keep full control of the drying process due to optimal visibility of the substance.

The version B-585 Kugelrohr offers multiple applications for small samples as sublimation, freeze drying, distillation and drying. More information

Ambient temperature: +5°C to +300°C
Interior volumes: 20 to 743 liters

BINDER drying and heating chambers Avantgarde Line with natural or forced convection are the ideal solutions for drying, sterilization and heating. All models are known for excellent temperature accuracy thanks to APT.line technology and identical test conditions throughout the chamber interior.

Different models are available:
ED series with natural (gravity) convection
FD and FED series with forced convection More information

Ambient temperature VD: +9°C to +220°C
Ambient temperature VDL: +9°C to +110°C
Interior volumes: 24 to 119 liters

The VD and VDL series vacuum drying chambers from BINDER are designed for samples drying without residue, scaling or oxidation in order to address the strict requirements of industrial and scientific laboratories.

The vacuum drying ovens use a unique safety design including shatterproof, spring-mounted safety glass panel and optimum heat transfer through large thermal conducting plates. Moreover, VDL series ensure maximum safety when drying organic solvents.

The units are explosion-protected with classification according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU: EX II 2/3/- G IIB T3 Gb/Gc/- X.

Each oven is equipped with one (VD) or two (VDL) aluminum expansion racks. More information

Ambient temperature: +10°C to +300°C
Interior volume: 115 liters

The BINDER safety drying oven with a silicone- and dust-free inner chamber provides the perfect environment for standard-compliant drying of paints and coating materials containing solvents.

The FDL Series safety drying chambers guarantee short drying time with high temperature accuracy and defined ventilation for highest-quality results and reproducible tests in the fields of chemistry and surface technology. More information