SYSTAG System Technik AG

Reaction / Safety Calorimeters

SYSTAG System Technik AG
Temperature: -80°C to +300°C
Sensitivity: 100 mW
Dynamic reactor: > 1000 W
Dynamic Reflux: > 500 W

Reaction calorimeters uncover potential safety issues or non-scalable conditions and provide process information under process-like conditions using real time heat flow. More information

SYSTAG System Technik AG
Volume: 0.5 ccm to approx. 500 ccm
Temperature: -50°C to 400°C
Pressure: Up to 200 bar
Suitable for liquids as well as solids

Thermal Analysis under adiabatic conditions within multi-gram range and therefore suitable for non-homogeneous samples right through to distillation residue. More information