Flash Dryers

The jet / flash dryers by Riera Nadeu (RINA) allow the instantaneous / flash, automatic and continuous drying of wet solids, suspensions and solutions. The RINA JET system combines the effects of turbulence and vacuum with the displacement of wet and dispersed solid particles at high speed in order to instantaneously obtain a dry disintegrated solid. The compact modular design of the RINA-JET drying installation can fit into the available space in any plant.

Prostupnost: 8 až 12 500 kg/h
Kapacita odparu (voda): 5 až 3 500 kg/h
Kapacita sušiny: 8 až 10 000 kg/h
Materiály: nerezová ocel, žáruvzdorná ocel, Hastelloy, 254-SMO, oxid zirkoničitý, vysokohlinitá keramika a další Více informací